Whenever people ask me what my favourite pattern is, my answer would definitely be "stripes" or flannels". However, recently a kind of pattern has caught my eyes and become my most-liked pattern. What is it? It's MARBLE print! I think this pattern is really unique. It is subtle, yet full of details. This print is usually black and white in colours which are great for mix and match. It is amazing, isn't it?

Fashion items with this print are fantastic! Here are some discoveries:
A.P.C. Marble Print T-shirt (Grey)
Shallowww Marble Shirt
Zara Marble Sweater
Zara Marble Print Crop top
Zara Marble print Skirt
Kenzo Marble Print Silk Skirt

I hope I could own every single piece but now I am like a pet bird and a church mouse; caged by the public examinations and very poor. So, I guess I can only create some outfits on Polyvore to fulfill my desire. From my set, there is a marble print shirt from Soulland. Hope you like it! xo 

Monochrome Spring

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